cheese cake
there is no words to describe their mouth watering delictables once u try it u will never eat your wifes cheese cake again
Posted By: lazer
Email : lazer12004@yahoo.com
Date : 08-02-2009 09:00:52

shabbos platters
MMMM, delicious! I love these goodies. Once you pop you can't stop! They are scrumptious and mouth watering! Don't forget the Daskal's give you incredible service. If you need to make a simcha like an upsherin, don't bother patchkining, just call Mrs. or Mr. Daskal and they will figure out what you need! Just sit back, relax and enjoy your simcha without working hard. I did it and it was worth every penny!
Posted By: chany
Email : chanyend1@gmail.com
Date : 12-02-2009 21:26:51

daskals delights has the best stuff and the best service! nothing beats their chocolate cheese babke..p.s. chana y. my birthday is next week thursday;) love the site!
Posted By: Perry Lax
Email : get2thepoing@aol.com
Date : 18-02-2009 18:50:38

pareve cheese cake
My classmate brought in one of your pareve cheesecakes from her sister's Simcha. I must say that it was incredibly delicious!
Posted By: CRM
Email : nissancr@yahoo.com
Date : 26-03-2009 18:18:54

Parve Dessert miniatures
I made a simcha last week at Schick's and your parve cheesecake miniatures were ordered for the dessert- they were stunning in presentation and scrumptious in taste! Thank You!! It's nice to know that when eating something pretty it can also taste good!
Posted By: Tzipie Brown
Email : tbrowned@yahoo.com
Date : 11-08-2009 14:42:37
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